…it is in your hands
At mergner you only get paddles made of high quality materials, designed from the point of view of an experienced canoeist. Nevertheless, every paddler should take the greatest possible care with his equipment. Even the most solid material is susceptible to incorrect handling. Above all, nature sports such as white water rafting always carry residual risks. Every canoeist must be aware of this, otherwise he is acting too recklessly.

A regular check of the paddle for abrasions, surface damage and signs of wear before every ride can prove to be essential for your safety. One must be aware that even the most solid material and its careful processing can break down in the event of incorrect use and unfortunate blows.

In the worst case, this can lead to a fracture of the blade or shaft. If your paddle hits foam-crowned stones, check them – and preferably yourself – for damage immediately!

However, if you largely avoid impact loads and abrasions and unnecessary exposure to the sun, you and your paddle can glide over the water together for a long time.

We wish you a lot of fun while boating!