As already mentioned, even with careful processing, the most solid material has its load limit.

We offer the service of replacing damaged parts or supplying spare parts. Usually it is no problem to replace a broken blade or a damaged shaft in the workshop in Bamberg. This service, as well as the assessment of whether a partial replacement makes sense, should be discussed in advance with the specialist dealer. If you are not sure, please write us a mail. In addition to the costs for spare parts and working time, the shipping costs must be taken into account when considering whether a repair makes sense.

Complaints procedure:

In principle, we ask you to process all complaints through the specialist dealer who sold you the paddle. They are informed by us about the possible applications of the products. This means that they advised the customer on sales and informed him about areas and possibilities of application. You can and should decide in advance whether a complaint is justified or not.
In case of doubt, the claimed piece will be sent to us in Bamberg. On site it is checked whether a complaint is justified.
We take a look at the overall condition of the paddle and examine the surroundings of the damage for possible overloads.

We reject unjustified complaints. We do not want to pass on costs that would arise from unjustified complaints to those customers who handle their material with care. And nothing else happens if unjustified demands are met.
In the event of justified complaints based on processing errors on our part, we endeavour to find quick, uncomplicated solutions so that you can go boating again quickly.