Our company philosophy

Paddling at mergner is based on a passion for canoeing. The search for the optimum design is therefore personally motivated. Since 1996 we have been tirelessly building paddle shapes and testing materials that are increasingly approaching the ideal.

We, that is company owner Jochen Mergner and experts from different sectors. With their specific knowledge and friendly commitment, they contribute to the development and production process: Industrial designers, toolmakers, plastics technicians, retailers and above all boaters with the most diverse requirements.

“Many cooks refine the broth,” is the philosophy behind it. The result of this collaboration is reliable paddles that combine excellent handling, high aesthetics and enormous stability. How to achieve this? The recipe for success is functionality based on nature’s model. We let it guide us in design and construction. After all, only high-quality materials are used in serial production.

Despite the highest demands on material and craftsmanship, it is always our goal to provide our customers with an affordable quality paddle.