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Paddles for whitewater, playboating and freestyle

Nature as our example for efficient and successful solutions


Inspired by nature and its lasting creations we developed the new Bionic whitewater paddle. A duck's feet are strong, lightweight and built for paddling; a tree's leafs - though fragile - withstand the strongest winds. Both have a very similar looking design: Thin and high ridges supporting a wide working surface. For the Bionic paddles we accomplish these solutions with high tech components and modern production techniques.

Die neuen Bionic Wildwasserpaddel

A lighter paddle means easier paddling and a higher paddling frequency. The stiffer blade enables you to use the entire surface area for a controlled and powerful stroke. The Bionic paddle is your power transmission for more catch and less slip.

Build to satisfy the demands of the most experienced and skilled paddlers we offer the Bionic series in three different blade sizes: grip (large), flow (medium) and colibri (small)

and two material combos: easy, und high end.


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Bionic grip Bionic flow Bionic colibri
grip flow colibri


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