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The blades are made out of polyamide12, a very impact resistant and weather-proof material. We look back on severals years of best experiences with this polyamide. The blades are made by injection moulding in an idustrial factory, producing on the high standard for the automobile production. The parameters, determining the results, are adjusted to our material, our mould and the intended use. These parameters are stored to reproduce the next blades with the same high quality.
For the easy blades the polyamide is re-enforced with glass fibres, that is less expensive and allows colours.
the blades used for the cominations carbon and high end are re-enforced with much more expensive carbon fibres. They provide more stiffness and less weight. But the blades are always black.


Our shafts are produced in industrial, reproducable quality. Therefore glass fibre fabric, pre impregnated with epoxy (Prepreg), is used to avoid fluctuations in the relations between fibres, resol and catalyst.
The premium shafts used for the high end paddles, are re-enforced with two layers of carbon fibre fabric.
The outer layser of the light grey shafts used for the easy and carbon paddels, allows a very fine grinding.



Material - combos


easy - only for Bionic paddles

bionic colibri easy

blades: polyamid with glass fibre
colour: white and blue
shaft: epoxid, glass fibre
colour: light grey

“Take it easy” is our advice. The easy is the glass re-enforced combo for the intermediate paddler. A high breaking point and lasting durability are guaranteed. The yellow blades are easy to spot in case you should ever loose your paddle after a swim. A little bit heavier and softer than our carbon combos the easy offers a great paddle for an incredible price.
current colours: white and blue.
Sorry - this combination ist not suitable for our touring paddles.



carbon - for Bionic, spoon and distance

spoon-y             light grey glass shaft


blades: polyamid with carbon fibre
colour: black
shaft: epoxid, glass fibre
colour: light grey


carbon combines the light grey glass fibre shaft with blades re-enforced with carbon fibre. Carbon makes it possible to build an extremely light and stiff blade. This stiffness allows for a very direct transfer of power from the paddler to the water. An essential feature when it comes to a quick sprint for a boof or a radical change of direction. The shaft is glass re-enforced. The carbon combo is for the advanced paddler looking for a blue collar working paddle without gimmicks.





high end - for Bionic, spoon and distance

Bionic high end

blades: polyamid with carbon fibre
colour: black
shaft: epoxid, glass and carbon fibre
colour: carbon

The one who acquires the mastery of paddling will treasure this paddle. In this version we combine the carbon re-enforced blade with a carbon/glass shaft for ultra strength and easy power transfer. A durable, rigid and lightweight paddle for every situation.
For touring paddles with a length of 225 cm or more we suggest this version, because of the stiff shaft.




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